The Sound Of Music

Left was devastated.

Right was as good as dead. He could have never survived that fall; he was delicate, he was old but at least he had been with Left, standing staunchly with her. He was all she had cared for in their pitch black world...her husband, her support, her soulmate and her only friend. Right's voice had mesmerised her the first time they'd sung the Lionel Richie-Diana Ross duet for their obnoxious master.

Although both of them were blind, she had known that she had been married to the right mate; he sang beautifully, and they made a fantastic couple; a couple oblivious to the delightful sights that the world had to offer, but more than compensating for it with their all-encompassing love for each other, which brightened their days and warmed their hearts, so that they had never even stopped to wonder how it feels to be able to see.

Now that Right had lost his voice forever, they would have no choice but to leave.The cruel master did not care for a bereaved wife; if your partner was rendered useless, then you were useless too. Mr. and Mrs. Bose were due any minute, they would be replacing Right and herself as the new facilitators of the acoustic pleasures that their master loved. The Boses would be taking up residence at their erstwhile home. In any case, Left had no inclination to stay without her husband; for that matter, she had lost her will to live too. She wished they could sing together once more, their last hurrah. She wished Right had not died so quickly, so suddenly, leaving her alone to face this bitter world. 

Left heard footsteps; the master was coming, he was coming to wrench them away from their dwelling. She was incapable of opposing him, and had accepted the fact that their time had come. The Boses had arrived. She closed her unseeing eyes, said a little prayer for Right and surrendered herself to the harsh fate awaiting her.

It was all over.

PS- The above is in fond memory of my Creative computer speakers. The right one took a nasty spill from the  table and was wrecked beyond repair, so both were chucked out by yours truly. Now you know who the obnoxious+cruel master is. A toothpick for you if you've figured it out on your own.
Oh, and have you seen the price tag of a Bose speaker? Looks more like a telephone number to me,so buying one still remains a pipe dream. Hence, the Bose speakers in the above account are purely figments of my imagination.

And before I finish, a warm welcome to the Altec Lansing pair gracing the table now :)



  1. Yes we know ! bt toothpick tu hi rakh since u need it badly nd do take the appointment frm dentist:P
    ny how was gud :P

  2. Thank you sakshi, tuje to lakh toothpicks dunga mai :P

  3. :D LOL, I wondered what 'right' and 'left' was all about :P

    And it must be a really expensive toothpick:P

  4. As I started reading, I was wondering if its some sorta "love story" :P :p but then again.. how can a "heartless cynic" write a love story.. but this story is really amazing whatsoever..

    P.s: amaro toothpick chai.. :P I need 'em for my nail art purposes :P :p

  5. At first i got totally confused as to wht u were talking abt. I literally hand to luk at my left and right hands and give them gender..HE for left and SHE for right...or was it the other way around :p

    But as i read further, i understood it enough to get a toothpick from you. I just had breakfast so yeh needed it. :D

    awesome read. Hope your dream comes true!

  6. Seriously I was really confused and blur but i have to admit you have written it very well..nice job..looking forward for more

    God bless :):)


  8. Haha, I guessed it in the beginning, Thanks to the title ;)
    The comments above made me realize that I'm kinda smart and I so deserve a toothpick now :D

  9. hey, awesome post. But the 'Bose' mention was a giveaway. Until then, I was seriously confused. :)
    Nice blog you have here. Your writing style is refreshing and fun.

  10. @Aditi- I have two from Mainland China, chaiye?

    @Priyanka- Yes, don't ask me, it felt downright stupid referring to them as L and R :D And as for the toothpick, if its value is proportional to its age, then yes, it is incredibly expensive :P

    @Ananya- Thanks, and I'll courier a couple for you :D

    @Red-Hahahaa there is no foreign hand in the tale, pun intended :D Glad you liked it, and a toothpick for you too :D Also I do hope to lay my hands (no pun intended :P) on a Bose system some day in the foreseeable future. Do keep visiting and thanks a lot :) :)

    @Other side- Thank you so much, this post of yours is probably one of the best I've ever read.

    @Ezazi- You leave me with no option other than blush :P WOW!!! :D :D

    @Risha- Well, now you get an entire box of toothpicks because you're incredibly quick on the uptake :D :D Thanks a lot and do keep visiting :)

    @Nim- Thanks a lot :) Yes I felt that it might be a giveaway for the perceptive mind, but naming 'Mr Bang and Mrs Olufsen' seemed a rather weird alternative to what was,in all probability, a pair of living beings I was writing about, so I had to stick with Bose. Thank you once again for stopping by and do keep visiting. Cheers! :D :D

  11. Sushmit

    awwwww..that's so nice of you:):)
    thanks a lot and you too keep writing :):)

  12. Your blog is named Bazinga. Which means you're a fan of Sheldon Cooper. Which means I like your blog automatically. :)

    Sheldon Cooper is one of the best comic characters I've seen on a sitcom. Sheer genius, Jim Parsons is.

    And for old times' sake- sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  13. @Other side-You're welcome, do keep writing too :)

    @Spiff- Again, high faaive!! :D Parsons is to The Big Bang Theory as Depp is to the Pirates Of The Caribbean. Glad you liked my blog :):) And of course, sssssssss it is XD

  14. I just had to check out your space here because it said BAZINGA.

    Loved the finishing touch ---> The BAZINGA Part that is.

  15. BAZINGA indeed!!

    Thanks for the comment and the follow!


  16. Do keep visiting!!! I've had enough of Avogadro but I'll definitely taste Avakai someday :) :)
    Cheers!! :D

  17. @Atrocious-Thanks! Sheldon happens to be the reason I started watching TV again :D

  18. Hehe, toothpick,... I needed a vote of appreciation :D


  19. Yep, one whole box of nice woody ones coming right up :D